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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any questions about how to use your presets? Are you wondering how to install them? Don’t worry, everyone has questions. We’re here to let you know anything you need to know.

What are Lightroom presets?
Will your presets work with RAW and JPEG images?
Do I need a professional camera to use your presets?
How are these presets different than others on the market?
Where are my presets? I purchased them a few hours ago but still didn't receive them.
I need help! I can't open the files on my phone.
How do I install the presets?
If I buy a new phone, can I still use your presets? Will they be transferred?
Which app do I need to use your presets?
I have never used Lightroom. Is it hard to use?
Are these the same presets we see on your IG feed?
Do you accept returns?
How do I adjust skin tones?
After I apply your presets, my photo color is way too bright/dark. How can I fix that?
In what currency will I be charged?
Who can help me with further questions?
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